network & data security analysis

A computer network is composed of a number of computers connected to a primary server, from which these computers access and exchange information. Network & data security analysis helps to secure networks and monitor them for flaws that may allow outsiders to view and misuse potentially sensitive information.

Advantages of Network & Data Security Analysis

  • Data security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Incident response and reduction of mean time to know (MTTK)
  • Detect attacks and security breaches
  • Quick fix issues caused by malware, botnets, etc.

How Can We Help?

breeze solutions provides comprehensive network and data security services to ensure that all critical business information and privileged data are safe and immune to security breaches from third parties. We ensure that all security components are up-to-date and working well.

Network & Data Security Analysis is part of our monthly managed IT support services and therefore, absolutely free of charge.  It includes:

  • Authorization and authentication of users on the network through passwords, finger prints or voice recognition
  • Analysing programs that encrypt information
  • Testing your network’s firewall
  • Scanning your network for viruses, worms and malware that may cause malfunction
  • Updating virus scan programs

Our experts visit your company and do a quick analysis of your computer network and data security, report on the status and provide expert advice, ad-hoc support and proposals to fix all flaws and secure your network.