content strategy & copywriting

If your web content is out dated, off-brand and virtually out of your control, you might be missing out on a big opportunity to engage users and convert them into customers. As a business owner, you must understand how important fresh website content, blog posts, images, news, books, and video thumbnails can be for your online business rankings.

Advantages of Good Content Strategy

  • Boosts your SEO strategy
  • Keeps your website looking fresh, interesting and updated
  • Aligns your content to the right web and social media platforms
  • Converts fragmented chunks of text into a cohesive marketing package
  • Helps you evaluate the success of your content in terms of number of visits to your site, queries received, products sold, etc.
  • Connects you with your customers

How Can We Help?

breeze solutions offers tailored online content strategy and copywriting solutions to help you create and deliver useful content to your online customers, whilst also getting indexed by Google and other popular search engines. We provide you with a holistic content strategy that can optimise your online presence.

How do we do it? Through the following content strategies:

  • Analyze search results landscape and keywords
  • Understand your buyers
  • Develop an editorial plan for content optimization
  • Develop off-page digital assets
  • Create content syndicates
  • Continued comparison with search analytics